Mick | Video producer

Bring stories to life by putting himself in the viewers’ shoes

Mick used to work for the BBC and Sky, but life has most definitely stepped up a gear since he came to HN! He now travels the globe shooting, directing and editing top-notch customer videos.

The power of  topography

We’re not just talking about visuals, although that’s something Mick does have a flair for, but his whole attitude to work.

His modus operandi is not just to focus on the goals, but also the journey — particularly important when dealing with camera nerves. With Mick showing the way, our clients not only achieve their goals but more often than not, exceed them.

This superhero gets close to nature

Whether he’s out bird-watching, or exploring the volcanic Azores island of Pico, you can bet Mick is recording his travels with beautiful photos and videos.

Mick has close ties to Sheffield: more often than not, he’ll take the opportunity to seek out his favourite cheese burger, but he did on one occasion play for the Sheffield United first team — by accident!