storytelling by HN
  • Introduction

    To tell an engaging and persuasive story means doing more than merely reporting the facts — although statistics that make the benefits tangible will always be sought after. At HN we know how to give context to make the story relevant to readers and how to develop the characters so that they seem plausible and three-dimensional.

  • Setting the scene

    This process starts with the interview and techniques that put individuals at ease and help them to express themselves. Perhaps we need to talk to them in their native language or coach the first-timer through their video début — all skills that the HN team has in abundance. Our interviewers have a strong sense of how to evolve the questioning to follow the thread that is interesting but that’s also closely aligned with the messaging we want to convey. Only when all of this information is captured — in note form or as video footage — can the storytelling begin. And often this is as much about cutting as creating, to provide a clean narrative with strong take-away implications for your audience.

  • Examples

    Storytelling can be evident in the written narrative and in video. Here are a few examples that show how rich and persuasive your case studies can become when guided by HN’s storytelling art.
    • Here’s a fantastic piece expressing how Ahold’s services team spent the first day following an application migration delivered by CSC.

    • Looking for the everyday impact is a great way of making the story real and personal to your audience as shown in this great example about Xerox working with Geneva Airport.

    • This video for Lightspeed is rich with layers of storytelling to bring the value proposition to life.