Should you respond to favourites on Twitter?

Should you respond to favourites on Twitter?

Simple enough question: should you respond to favourites on Twitter? We took this question to a LinkedIn forum, and the conversation it spawned was fascinating.

Some people were completely in favour of responding to a favourite:



They make a good point – after all, social media is designed to spawn conversations, so when someone alights on one of your posts, why not say hello and thank them for their time?

Other respondents, however, were not in favour:



Now, although we feel that a simple ‘thank you for favouriting our tweet’ shouldn’t ruffle any feathers or come across as over-eager, we can see their point that responding to a favourite with a gushing invitation to connect further would be a little disconcerting. So…

Our conclusion
We have to side with the commenters who said that it depended on the context of the favourite.



Though social media is all about engagement, there will be times when responding to your favourites would be impractical (if you have hundreds, for example) or feel very forced. At the same time, if the person was someone we really wanted to connect with, we might go further than a simple ‘thank you’ and work to cultivate the relationship.

What do you think? Should a company or an individual respond to favourites or retweets on Twitter? Have your say in the comments section or on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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