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What to expect

Whether you pick up the phone or request a call back, you’ll speak to Carey, our Managing Director, and the most experienced content consultant on the team.

The purpose of this call is for us to get to know your brand.

Within 20 minutes or so Carey, will have asked a few questions to get a feel for what you’re challenged with and what you’d like to achieve.

Rest assured, this conversation doesn’t conclude with a hard sell. There’s no off-the-shelf solution that we wheel out that just happens to be “a perfect match” for your situation. That’s not what we believe in, and it’s not how we work.

Instead, we’ll quickly go away and put our heads together before Carey comes back to you with our suggestions for your next steps.

You can then take the time to consider our recommendations with your team, and decide which approach you’d like to take.

If that means we get to team up, great! We’ll get straight to work.

If not, don’t worry about having to dodge follow-ups from us for the next four months; we don’t do those — you know where we are if you need us in the future.

Working with Carey and her team at HN Marketing has been brilliant. We knew we were in safe hands from day one.

Arjun Chaganty, Services Account Executive, NTT Data

If you’ve got half an hour now, give us a call on 01628 622 187.
If now’s not a great time, quickly request a call for a time that suits you best and Carey will get in touch.