Hashtags – more than just an afterthought

Hashtags: more than just an afterthought

Here’s a question for you: when you’re creating social media content to support an asset, when do you create the hashtags? All too often, we see people doing it once the asset’s been finalised, and the whole social media post becomes a sort of bolt-on to the piece itself.

In our experience, the best success comes when the hashtags are created at the very beginning of the creative process – often at the same time as you’re brainstorming the piece. At this point, everyone’s thoughts are (or should be) tuned to what the customer wants to hear – what messages will resonate with them, drive them, and inspire them to hear what you’ve got to say.

Contrast that with the end of the creative process, where thoughts are more likely turned towards getting the asset finished, and (depending on how long the asset has taken to create) people’s creativity may be ebbing.

When it comes to creating a hashtag – which needs to move your audience to engage with and share your content – which of those two environments would you rather be in?

The hashtag you choose to support an asset shouldn’t just be catchy; it has to relate to the same customer needs that are driving that asset’s creation. Think of it almost like a campaign driver; a word or phrase that evokes the emotion, or the attitude, you want the asset to foster in your audience. By planning your social activity at the same time as your asset creation, you’ll not only come up with a better hashtag – you might find yourself discovering a whole social campaign theme that you wouldn’t have thought of if you were just bashing off a few tweets or Facebook posts once the asset was finished.

How do you create hashtags for your assets? We’d love to know. Leave us a comment, or get in touch on Twitter and LinkedIn, to let us know.

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