Twitter’s comment feature

Twitter’s comment feature: now available in a tool near you

What’s the feature?
You may have seen it advertised on the web, or even used it yourself recently. When, on Twitter, you click the ‘retweet’ option, you’re now given the opportunity to add a comment.

Twitter comment - no text

You can add your thoughts on the tweet…

Twitter comment - with text
… and post them alongside the original tweet:

Twitter comment - posted

As one might expect, this feature is also available in Tweetdeck (since it’s owned by Twitter). Simply press the retweet button…

Tweetdeck - retweet button

… choose the ‘Quote Tweet’ option…

Tweetdeck - comment

… and add your comment.

Tweetdeck - post

A powerful feature…
This is a great feature for businesses because it means you can do much more with the tweet you want to share with your group. Quoting a tweet takes up fewer characters than retweeting it (just 22 characters), giving you more space to add your thoughts and context to the tweet and adding more value to your audience.

… now available in Hootsuite
The first thing we thought when we saw this feature (apart from ‘wow!’) was ‘does this work with Hootsuite?’ This is because at HN we use Hootsuite as well as Tweetdeck for scheduling our social media posts, and those of our clients. Though initial enquiries seemed unpromising…

Hootsuite convo

… our vote on Hootsuite’s ‘features we’d like to see’ page must have made a difference, because now you can! When you click the ‘retweet’ button as normal, you now get a third ‘quote’ option:

Hootsuite quote button

If you click it, a link appears in the tweet box:

Hootsuite quote text
Just add your comment to it and post or schedule as you would normally. Simple!

Have you used the ‘tweet with comment’ feature? Can you use it in your social media tools? Let us know on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by commenting on our blog.

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