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Looking forward: 2016 Marketing Predictions

Those of you who are well-versed in your ancient history may know that the month of January is commonly thought to be named for Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions with two faces — one looking forward and the other looking back. As we move from the old year and into the new, most of us in marketing land are doing the same – with 2016 marketing predictions, reviews and forecasts aplenty.

Not to be outdone, the HN soothsayers have been hard at work again and here’s what we think will make waves in 2016:

1.        User-generated content will rise. Increasingly, customers are sharing their experiences online. And, as long as those experiences are mostly good, they can be a great way to boost your public image without it looking like you’re just singing your own praises. Though currently the province of B2C, savvy B2B companies will encourage their customers to generate content that they can turn into ‘credentials’ – which can either stand alone or feed into other types of customer-reference content.

2.        Traditional content as important as ever, but optimised for mobile. Just because your customers are generating content on your behalf, you won’t be able to give your creative team the year off. With purchases increasingly being researched and completed on tablets and phones, your content will not only need to be slicker than ever, it will have to be compatible with the proliferation of devices out there — optimisation is no longer optional.

3.        A new take on location-based marketing. 2015 was the year that beacon technology made its presence felt, especially for retailers. 2016, we reckon, is where innovative B2B applications for this technology will come to the fore. From showing customers just how global you are to grabbing their attention at a tradeshow before your customers do, we’re excited to see beacons in B2B.

4.        Video marketing. It’s been a good year for video, but we predict 2016 will be even better. Expect the market to mature this year with companies exploiting different types of video, for different purposes, and a huge improvement in quality, as they become more confident with the medium. This is not the year to be camera shy!

What’s your money on this year? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment, find us on Twitter or drop us a line at LinkedIn.

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