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B2B storytelling: How to make your content stand out

Everyone in marketing knows the value of a good story…don’t they? Historically, the answer for B2B marketing has been ‘no’. But that’s changing, as these great examples of B2B storytelling show. “How do they do that?” I hear you ask. The article points to some of the relevant factors: LinkedIn has a clearly defined niche […]

Ones to watch: HN’s 2017 B2B Marketing Predictions

With some pretty major predictions having been rather wide of the mark in 2016, you’d be forgiven for viewing prediction-based articles with a bit of scepticism. But you can’t stay ahead of the curve unless you’re looking forward. So let’s look at some of the trends that we think could shape B2B marketing activities in […]

Weird Words: The Top 5 Yule hear this Christmas

The nights have gotten longer, John Lewis has melted our hearts and your favourite Michael Buble song is probably on repeat. Christmas is just around the corner. To get into the festive spirit, we thought we’d have a bit of fun here at HN HQ, with our love of weird and wonderful words. Especially those […]