Event support

event support at HN

Getting face-to-face with your customers and prospects is a big deal. The pressure is on to create the right impression from the off.

At HN we have oodles of experience supporting our customers to turn meetings, summits and conferences into worthwhile opportunities for all concerned.

  • Event invitations

    Promote the thoughtful relevant content and the benefits your delegates will derive. We’ll help you fashion persuasive event invitations

    Advertising, email and social media combine to drive webinar attendance for ANT Telecom

    PinkElephant use impactful direct mail to get the attendance they need at an event

  • Presentation support

    We’ll work with your presenters to hone the message and make sure the slideware and script are crisp and professional

    Slides and script help Infinity share their ground-breaking vision with the world

  • Follow through

    The event is just one step on your buyer’s journey. Capitalise on the moment and make sure your message has hit home. We can help:

    • Make use of speaker videos to spread the word
    • Promote the next event with snappy vox pops
    • Create white papers and thought leadership based on the visionary presentations

    Atex gains extra value from a keynote speech at their annual event

    Atex captures a video summary of their annual event to share key messages and drive interest

    Xerox capitalises on an impactful keynote speech by converting it into a white paper