Video marketing

B2B content strategy
  • Introduction

    More and more marketers are turning to video to give their messages more oomph – and it’s easy to see why. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine, processing some 3 billion searches each month? Additionally, there’s a growing preference among B2B technology decision-makers for short, visual, mobile-friendly content, making video a wise move indeed.

  • It’s all in the prep

    With the acquisition of 8:45TV in 2014, we’ve integrated video production into our content creation portfolio. You’ll find a talented team of skilled storytellers ready to bring your proposition to life.

    Whether you need onsite or studio filming for a customer story or to capture the vision of your execs, 2D or sophisticated 3D animation, we have the solution. Our green-screen studio in Bray is ideal when you want to create a branded environment that’s just for you.