Eram | Project/Marketing Manager

Exceed expectations

With a special focus on social media marketing, where speed is often of the essence, Eram combines top-notch project-management skills with oodles of charm to get the job done quickly — without any tears.

The power of telepathy

Eram won’t just ask you if you’re happy — whatever your answer, she’ll know if something’s up. It’s uncanny.

Whether you’re a client, or an employee who needs to deliver, you’ll be glad that Eram knows where you’re at… and that she’s got your back.

This superhero has a spring in her step

Like Forrest Gump, Eram runs. A lot. But unlike Forrest, she has a goal — raising money for the PSP Association — and she also remembers to turn around and head back home. That may have something to do with her favourite food, Mum’s lamb biryani.