Customer: Shire

Project: Internal newsletter: Dynamics

Hearts and minds

When your organisation is as large and dispersed as that of Shire Pharmaceuticals, it’s a tall order to make sure the hearts and minds of employees are behind the brand values.

This was the goal behind Dynamics, the Shire employee magazine. HN’s role was to establish the tone of voice and house style for a new-look version of the publication and, once a quarter, focus the efforts of an editorial team of eight — including two US-based writers, to interview patients, medical practitioners and Shire experts — and capture their stories for the 24-page magazine.

The magazine is a well-read favourite around the business with a circulation of 6,000 and employees can be spied poring over the pages while enjoying a lunchtime sandwich or on their coffee break. Dynamics is so successful and popular that it’s going online so that even more stories can be covered and made accessible.