Su | Head of Copy

Play devil’s advocate

If you’re a creative type, it can be so easy to get caught up in jargon or group thinking, or simply get carried away. Su always takes an outsider’s view, ensuring the stories we tell are as clear and strong as possible, and gently guiding errant copy back into the fold.

The power of perspicacity

Some kids pick up toys and play with them; others test them to destruction. It seems highly likely that Su was one of those ‘others’.

This ability to pick something up and almost immediately figure out what’s wrong with it has our writers both looking forward to and quietly dreading her feedback. Whatever it is, we know it’ll be on point and insightful.

This superhero gets her high-octane thrills from Formula 1

If we’re honest, this ardent bibliophile will most often be found spending her downtime with her head in a book, so it would need something as loud and exciting as F1 to shake her out of her reverie. A simple, “Fancy a cup of tea?” won’t usually cut it.