Customer: Verizon

Project: Two page flyer

Managing big data

Because sales cycles for enterprise technology solutions can be very long, our clients often need to start generating interest in new offerings before they’re 100% fully formed. It’s a challenge to make a persuasive case in marketing materials without having the complete picture, and even more so when the client needs a 2-page flyer written, artworked and printed for an event within two weeks.

But it’s a challenge we’re up to. For this project, we knew how to elicit the value of the offering from the subject-matter experts, even though they were still very much focused on practical issues of development and unsure of many of the details. Verizon was partnering with Hitachi Consulting to develop this offering; both were delighted by our ability to capture its value and sell their expertise.

The simple flyer was used as an example of good practice within Verizon.