Account-based marketing

  • Introduction

    The best B2B marketing is done on a one-to-one basis. When your prospects hear you talking to them specifically, your message has more impact.

    But it’s not easy. Account-based marketing takes time, patience and precision content-marketing skills.

  • Outreach: know your audience

    To make account-based marketing a success, you need to help your customer embrace your solution right across their organisation. We’re highly skilled at combining your key benefits and value proposition to create personalised messages to nurture key individuals in target accounts, moving them closer to buying from you with targeted B2B communications.
    Account-based marketing is all about asking what you can do to make your customer’s business more successful. We can help you craft content that supports that goal, such as thought-leadership videos designed to highlight particular benefits of your solution to your customer’s CEO or even case studies and training content that your customer contacts can use to champion your services in their own organisation.

  • All pulling together

    Your sales and marketing teams have a wealth of insight that will support your account-based marketing efforts. To maximise the chances of success, you need to get information flowing between the two.

    Sales enablement is second nature to us at HN. Because we understand the relationship between sales and marketing, we know how to help them work as one to create and adopt an account-based marketing strategy.