Deal replication

  • Introduction

    The Pareto Principle observes that 80% of your business will likely be delivered by 20% of your sales team. What if you could share insights about the best practices of these top performers with the rest? What could that achieve for your sales performance?

  • Making heroes

    We can interview your successful sales people. We can conduct ‘win analysis’ interviews with your customers and capture this insight, making it available to share.

    Of course we can treat this as a discrete activity. As part of every reference programme we deliver we’re talking to sales people and account managers about their relationships and interactions. It’s an easy extension to this conversation to talk about the engagement processes, which are helpful – or not. Much of the insight that’s available to us during these conversations never gets shared yet it holds the key to improved sales hit rates and customer satisfaction.

    Don’t let that insight go to waste. Read how Xerox armed its sales teams with internal-facing case studies