Social selling

HN can help you do your social selling
  • introduction

    These days if you’re not on LinkedIn you are no one. If you are not using Twitter or Tumblr you aren’t optimising your reach. But for many, social media is still a new channel to market and many are uncertain how to capitalise on its potential.

  • Getting off the blocks

    Social requires a new way of thinking. Working with social consultant Mark Adams, we can help you demystify social and set your social ambassadors on the road to success.

    Find out how we are working with one fraud detection company to turbo charge social selling.

  • Reaching out

    If content generation isn’t your day job, it can be hard to get off the back foot and really make social channels work for you.

    Our content as a service offering means we can engage with your social ambassadors and support them to generate more. Perhaps they just need an injection of ideas or a sounding board. Or perhaps having someone create it for them is the way to do more. We fit easily into either role. See how we worked with RSA on their blogs:

  • Reasons to call

    The pursuit of content marketing can leave little in reserve for your sales consultants to add. If we are to avoid leaving sales to face the pricing bake-off, we need to equip them with insights and viewpoints that will help them to hold productive, profitable conversations with customers and prospects

    • We tackle this requirement in the same way as any publishing project, gathering topics that that are relevant to your audience and mapping then to your messaging and value proposition.
    • A regular dialogue of sharable content – blogs, articles and business TV — can then be delivered exclusively to your sales people, helping them to be hubs within their own social networks.