Social Posts – When do you write yours?

In a recent post, we posed a question: when should you think about a hashtag campaign? If you didn’t catch that Take5, then I’ll summarise the answer for you: hashtags should be generated at the beginning of the asset creation process, when you’re in full creative flow.

But what about the social posts that support that same asset? They’re essential to the success of your content, so when should you create those?


At HN, we reckon the answer is that it should be done alongside the asset itself.

All too often, the tweets, LinkedIn updates and Pins that support an asset will be written in isolation of that asset, in some cases months after it was actually created. But research has indicated that as many as 75% of B2B buyers, and 84% of C-levels, use social to research purchase decisions.

Against those kinds of numbers, making sure that you’re embedding social activity in your content creation is a necessity.


By creating social posts at the same time as an asset, you’ll find that the quality of your posts, and the time taken to make them, should both improve for a couple of reasons:

  1. The writer’s head will still be ‘in’ the project, so they won’t have to waste time skim-reading (or watching, if it’s a video) the asset again to get the gist of it.
  2. The key messages that you want the asset to convey will still be fresh in the writer’s head, so they can ensure that the social posts also cover those key points, instead of having to try and remember (or guess, if the asset was written by someone else) what those key messages were when they come back to create the social posts later.

Of course, you may need other posts to support your assets later – perhaps linking to a different campaign, or a seasonal event. But if you start embedding the creation of a set of social posts in the content creation process, you’ll find that you can quickly increase the power of your social posting – and potentially save yourself some effort, too.

What do you think? Is social activity fully embedded in your content creation activities? Let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn – we’d love to hear from you.