B2B Content Marketing

  • Introduction

    Around 60-80% of your buyer’s decision-making is complete before you, the vendor, might even be aware of the opportunity. The statistics vary, but the overall message is clear: you have to be in it to win it.

    If you are not supporting the buyer’s journey with content that they can easily find online, you are missing a significant opportunity to influence their views of your company, your solution and even the nature of the challenges they face.

  • The buyer’s journey

    Supporting the buyer's journey

    One of our favourite models is based on the work of the Sirrius Decisions team, making the phases of the buyer’s journey and their content needs at each stage apparent.

    By holding this in mind and understanding the purpose of each communication asset we create, we can deliver your proposition with conviction and in a format that we know your buyer will engage with. Our proven approach will help align your B2B content with the stages of your buyer’s journey.




    • Relationships take time to nurture. Share content you know your audience will find relevant and helpful
    • Invite them to events, packed with great experiences
    • Extend the reach of your conference content; put your experts in the spotlight
    • Communicate regularly to keep share of mind through newsletters and Business TV


    • Proposals and quotes are at the tipping point of your buyer’s decision and are the final step in demonstrating the value of your proposition
    • Keep it real and personal and use video and visualisations to bring your proposition to life
    • Get your message across clearly. We know that words are mightier than the sword