Blog writing & opinion articles

  • Blogging

    The immediacy and topicality of blogs are ideal for striking up new conversations with customers and prospects. Sticking to a regular post however, whether for want of inspiration or time, can soon become a chore if writing is not your thing.

    Fortunately, any opportunity to put finger to keyboard sends the copy elves at HN into rapture. And if written communication isn’t what’s needed, we are pretty nifty at vlogs and infographics, too. Because we are immersed in the B2B technology space every day, we can quickly tune in to the topics that are interesting and relevant to your audience and work with your bloggers to keep quality and content production high.

  • How we can help

    • We’ll help you identify and plan topics that your audience wants to know more about
    • We’ll craft the content – the posts, blogs, graphics or videos — that express your point of view with confidence
    • We’ll post the content for you, taking away the burden of making sure you are regularly communicating with your audience
    • We’ll make sure your social ambassadors and sales people know what’s published so that can capitalise on the content to spark conversations with their communities