Event filming and content repurposing

  • introduction

    Let’s face it, events are one of the biggest investments you’ll make this year and expectations are running high. We can help you make more of the moment to spread your message further.

  • Sweat the asset

    There might be a dozen speakers; there might be hundreds of people in the audience. Don’t lose sight of the fact that there could be tens of thousands of people around the world who would benefit from seeing this content. Don’t let the content go to waste – record it.

    • Our expert team will capture the presentations and speeches and edit it into digestible videos that are ready to share.
    • We’ll help you reach out via email and social media so your target audience doesn’t miss out

  • Make the most of everyone being there

    With visionary speakers and customer advocates in attendance, we’ll help you seize the moment and capture their views and perspectives on camera.

    • Our portable green screen makes the most of any location
    • We can be roving reporters, talking to customers and speakers between sessions. The example below was played out at the start of day 2…