Explainer videos

  • increase engagement with explainer videos

    As video becomes more accessible B2B marketers are finding different ways to use video in their content marketing. Explainer videos get straight to the point and give your audience the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. You can creatively showcase a problem and solution and show how you solve issues your customers are facing. These short animations can then be used across your marketing channels driving engagement and leads.

  • Videos that explain your solution, your approach

    Sometimes a presenter and a studio aren’t enough. Sometimes you need to tell a story which is best told using pictures, voiceover, music and animation. Our exceptionally talented team of animators like nothing better than making your story come alive.

  • It’s all about the storyboard

    We spend so much of our time understanding, listening and storyboarding before a camera starts rolling or a keyboard is touched. These types of videos need careful crafting, the copy needs to be short and concise so your message comes across clearly, the visuals must tell a story and everything needs to flow and fit together.

    We’ve been there and done it over the last few years, so with our know-how and expertise we can help you shortcut the process and produce something really special.

Explainer video examples:

  • A project with the European ICT provider – Colt

    Colt, a major European network provider and a FTSE 250 company tells the story of their Cloud services. It’s complex, yet we had to make it simple. We used their people to tell the story and to voice it over.

    We worked in partnership, writing the script, storyboarding and eventually putting mouse to keyboard. The result was a colourful, virtual world which harnessed their new brand and put Colt people at the forefront of their story.