B2B value propositions and messaging

B2B value propositions and B2B messaging
  • Introduction

    Thomas Edison said that good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with good planning. Who can fail to agree?

    So it should come as no surprise that one of the reasons we’re so successful at getting your message across is that we first make sure we understand what that B2B message is.

  • Getting to the heart of the matter

    We work closely with our clients to guide best-practice message development, challenge accepted wisdom and build consensus for B2B value propositions and content strategy that are rooted in customer insight.

    We capture all the information you need through surveys, interviews, workshops (or whatever works best for you) in order to develop a robust messaging and proposition platform that informs every customer interaction – be it digital, in print or face-to-face.

  • Sharing

    The platform we create consists of modular blocks of text that can be reassembled to tell your story across all the channels you use. This streamlines content development and eases the burden of localisation.

  • Putting messaging at the heart of campaigns

    When RSA launches a new solution, getting the proposition and messaging right is a top priority. It’s the essential ingredient that underpins the company’s ability to scale marketing campaigns and make sure success is repeatable, region by region.

    Thanks to this approach, new business is closed and revenue targets exceeded.

  • Mapping corporate messaging

    If your organisation is evolving as fast as Colt, it’s important to make sure everyone can keep up — sales, marketing and the PR and creative agencies that support you.

    Colt turned to HN for a single, comprehensive messaging map that would meet the needs of all the stakeholders.