B2B value propositions

  • Why people should be buying from you

    A strong value proposition is one of the most important aspects of successful B2B marketing messaging. It gives the reasons why customers should buy from you and not your competitors by distilling the clear benefits of your products or services.

    So how can you convey the benefits of what your company offers, the expertise of its people and the deep understanding you have of your market? Your best bet is to distil all that into a document or, better yet, into a couple of sentences that:

    • capture the imagination;
    • make your company attractive to customers;
    • and convert prospects to buyers.

    Often, the differentiators that make your organisation special are hidden away in several different heads. Your sales people, your senior leadership and your marketing team all have things to contribute.
    First, though, you need to gather that information – and make sure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet once you have.

  • How we can create your B2B value proposition

    Everyone here at HN Marketing is a B2B marketing geek – so we love nothing more than helping organisations like yours get to grips with its value proposition.

    Whether it’s through interviews with key individuals in your organisation or through an interactive workshop, we’re experts at asking the questions that uncover the persuasive reasons why your customers should buy from you.

    We’ll then shape that information into a powerful value proposition that shows your organisation off in terms your audience can’t ignore.

    We can also create content that you can use to train the sales team on how to convey your value proposition, so you know your message is being delivered to the customer consistently.