Customer insight

B2B audience insight
  • B2B audience insight

    How should you come across to make the best first impression? How do you make sure that the B2B audience you reach out to are going to be interested in what you have to say? How can you gain more influence with your customers?

    These are not the murmurings of the paranoid, but questions every marketer and sales person needs to address.

  • A tried-and-tested approach

    By investing energy in getting to know your audience, their challenges and their preferences when it comes to consuming information, you can be more supportive and more influential in their decision-making.

    We can help you do just that. We know how to talk to people and, more importantly, get them talking to us.

    Consequently our insight solutions complement to your quantitative analysis. We’ll interview your sales people, run focus groups with your customers and help you pull it all together in a workshop.

    You’ll come away with a healthy understanding of what makes your target B2B audience tick — and how to harness that to build a better, more effective, content strategy.

    Customer Insight

  • Putting it into practice

    The thing with insight is that it has no value if you keep it locked away. It needs to inform your content strategy, your sales strategy, the way you engage with your B2B customers and prospects.

    We’ll help you share this insight, in the form of a robust messaging platform and a differentiated value proposition, with your colleagues and external agencies who can make it work for you.

    Sales enablement tools are an obvious way to spread the word and make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction. We’ll also help you build your new-found insight into your B2B content strategy and thought leadership programme, as well as run workshops and training sessions to bring everyone up to speed.