Marketing Messaging Platforms

  • A uniform message across the organisation

    You’ve put in the work and distilled your value proposition – great. Now, how do you make sure that proposition is consistent across all your B2B marketing communications?

    For global organisations, or those working in multiple industries and verticals, making sure your messaging is clear, consistent and concise is a challenge.

    In the worst case, you may find your salespeople attempting to duplicate and replicate your value proposition – with mixed results.

  • We’ll help you stay on message

    Developing a messaging platform is the perfect way to ensure that everyone’s talking about your organisation in the right way and that your differentiators are clear.

    We start with your value proposition ; what it is that makes you special, backed up with proof points. From there we build out your key messages, tailored to your audience.

    We can even create messaging platforms for specific verticals and buyer personas , if required, to support account-based marketing activities or specific campaigns.

    Once we’re done, you’ll have a document that can serve as the basis for all your corporate communications. We can also provide you with short copy blocks that your people can use to quickly assemble bid submissions or new content as required without going off-message.

    And, of course, these can all be localised into several different languages as you roll out your message strategy to regional offices around the world.