Customer reference programmes

  • Introduction

    We all value the opinions of our friends and colleagues when it comes to making an important decision and the B2B technology buyer is no exception. Numerous research projects have confirmed that peer testimony is one of the most influential forms of content you can share and customer references are an important way for you to deliver this.

  • End-to-end support

    With over 1,000 reference assets under our belts, we have a successful track record managing and supporting programmes that deliver powerful customer advocacy for our clients. We can help you capture the testimony of your satisfied customers and present it to prospective buyers in a way that will move them through the buying journey with confidence.

  • Designed to perform at every stage of the buyer’s journey

    Whether you want to seed your social media channels with click bait or add weighty evidence to your tender response, we know how to create references that work. Here’s how we use customer references throughout the buyer’s journey.

  • Going native is the way to get great content

    We’ll talk peer-to-peer with your customers, and in their native language so they can express themselves freely

  • Helping sales as much as customers

    It’s not just your prospective customers who’ll benefit from the stories you tell. We can help you share the best-practice sales techniques that deliver success