Testimonial videos

  • Let your customers tell your stories

    There is no better proof of your credentials than WATCHING a customer saying great things about you.

    People know it takes real trust and desire to get a customer to talk candidly on screen.

  • We can be trusted to get the job done

    We’re trusted to conduct independent interviews on our clients’ behalf. Quite often our clients aren’t even in the roomtheir customers speak more frankly without them being there.

    We know how to relax interviewees, we know how to get the best from them and we’re not afraid to make suggestions on their wording.

  • Templated programme styles

    Our interviews are often conducted using green screen and we are able to go on location with our portable green screen equipment.

    Green screen gives us flexibility –  we can superimpose the right background and develop the right kind of style for your business.

    Our virtual studio sets (created by us) are also popular – to give your interviews that TV studio feel.

    White screen is also a style which works for many too. We also film in situe too.

  • Remote interviewing

    Don’t let distance be a barrier to creating great content. One of our templated programmes allows us to interview your executives or customers remotely. Just like the BBC might do.

    Using Skype, we aim to tell a story, without the interviewee leaving the comfort of their office.

    Environmentally and productivity friendly interviewing. Perfect!

Testimonial video examples:

  • Our relationship with Colt

    For the last three years, the team has produced over 100 videos for both external and internal use.

    We’ve filmed case studies, been integral to events and have been their “go-to” agency for no-nonsense, video production which ‘gave Colt a personality’ through the creation of educational videos.

    The video you will see to the left is one example of the many case studies we’ve produced – this one was produced in Milan.