Customer: NTT

Project: Bid support video for NTT Data

Calm heads make light work of a high-stakes shoot

Preparing the bid and presentation material for a new business pitch is always a fraught time for sales. They need people they can trust to crack on and deliver assets, leaving the team free to work on strategy and rehearse for the big presentation. So who you gonna call?

When NTT Data wanted a video to support a major bid, they knew exactly who to call.

We needed to organise an on-location video shoot at offices in Bucharest, where we would be interviewing several managers, trainers, HR professionals and service-desk agents to convey the essence of NTT Data’s multilingual helpdesk service.

All at incredibly short notice, of course.

We knew that it was just as important to offer an oasis of calm as to get the job done. Our experienced content team got on the case, preparing a briefing document and shot list that helped everyone make the most of the day – vital when there’s no chance for a second take. And our on-site crew are used to thinking on their feet to make the most of locations when gathering footage to support the messaging and overall premise. From start to finish in under three weeks, the team pulled together to deliver a powerful introduction to the talented team and capable processes offered by NTT Data.

Working with Carey and her team at HN Marketing has been brilliant. We knew we were in safe hands from day one. They ran with a high- level concept and were able to work out all the details without much intervention from us. Yet, we had complete visibility into the process and had opportunities to control the outcome. The end result was fantastic and far exceeded our expectation.

Arjun Chaganty, Services Account Executive