Colt PrizmNet video

case study series

Showcasing partners

to drive demand

As Colt’s trusted B2B video marketing agency, we were asked to create a series of videos to power a lead-gen campaign promoting Colt’s financial services extranet, PrizmNet. The videos had to demonstrate the calibre of the services customers can access through PrizmNet, using three providers as examples; they also had to highlight the ease with which partners can access services through PrizmNet versus connecting to providers directly.

With efficiency top of mind, we interviewed all three providers in one day, and even had time left over to interview a Colt sales director, generating enough material to create an additional two videos alongside the three initially required. We then combined the interviews with carefully selected stock footage to create a video series that’s both informative and striking. We fully expect them to perform as well as the other three videos we’ve made for Colt.