Thought leadership video

series for a

Pharmaceuticals company

Exciting internal audiences

about innovation

Watch our case study video to hear Lucy Atkinson of Swallows Flight Associates talk about how HN helped her deliver for her client.

Consultancy Swallows Flight Associates was helping the R&D organisation of a global pharmaceuticals company to solve an internal communication challenge. Although R&D was the powerhouse of the pharma company, they weren’t very visible. They wanted to convey their value to colleagues throughout the company, to help them be better ambassadors for the company’s innovation. As part of this communication initiative, HN Marketing was chosen to tell six video stories about different innovation themes.

By offering a fresh creative approach, understanding and conveying complex scientific ideas, and overcoming significant logistical challenges, we delivered a smooth video project with great results.

You can also download and read our 2-page
case study about this project:

“I felt I was able to trust HN to get on with the job. It was very clear that they were comfortable talking with senior scientists, putting them at ease, and then conducting interviews and understanding the science behind those interviews”

Lucy Atkinson, Owner, Swallowsflight Associates