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HR video production – putting the personal in personnel

Carbon Black

When it comes to HR video production, there’s a tricky balance to strike between looking approachable and looking professional – especially for challenger brands like Carbon Black. They wanted to show off their vibrant UK office culture and encourage candidates to apply for roles in their sales and technical teams, while protecting their professional image.

Enter HN.

We interviewed a whopping 12 people in a single day to get their perspectives on life at Carbon Black, producing two videos — one focusing on the sales team, and one focusing on the Reading office culture. Within their first month, these videos racked up nearly 700 views between them, with both featuring on Carbon Black’s Glassdoor page.

Additionally, Carbon Black have a wealth of great soundbites from the shoot that can be used within other videos to showcase the awesome people in their business.


  • Challenge 1

    Encourage candidates to apply for sales and technical roles in the UK

  • Challenge 2

    Promote an energetic and vibrant office culture without looking unprofessional

  • Challenge 3

    Produce video content on a limited budget


  • Solution 1

    12 interviews and B-roll shot in a 1-day shoot at the Carbon Black offices

  • Solution 2

    Editing of footage into two videos

  • Solution 3

    Additional footage catalogued for use in future videos


  • Result 1

    690 views across both videos after 1 month

  • Result 2

    Videos featured on Carbon Black’s Glassdoor page

  • Result 3

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