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Social media strategy and management

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When this client came to us for help with their social media strategy and processes, they had little more than an instinct that they needed to embed ‘social’ into their marketing mix sooner rather than later. Not least because they were no longer seeing quite the same results from email campaigns, and the number of millennials in influential customer roles was growing.

They were essentially starting from scratch, wanting to build an audience of customers, potential buyers, and influencers within the industry for ecommerce payment and fraud management software. They did have corporate Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to which they would occasionally post — but lacked any specific content plan or ability to measure what did and didn’t work.

Like all businesses starting their social media journey, they had two learning curves to negotiate:

  • One was about content strategy and process: determining what to say, how to say it, and how to manage the social content process without overstretching in-house resource.
  • The other was about governance and behaviour: getting buy-in from senior executives and the corporate legal team, developing policies and guidelines to regulate practices and responsibilities, and helping salespeople to amplify the corporate voice through their own social accounts.

It was our role to help them scale these two learning curves simultaneously. And, as the value of the social approach became evident, support them to build up their in-house capabilities, too.

Over a few years we helped them establish a framework for their approach to social media management and engagement, develop a social media voice through content development and social campaigns, and significantly grow their followers — and those of their salespeople.


  • Develop in-house competencies in social marketing

  • Get organisational buy-in and take-up of social practices

  • Increase brand awareness and target audience engagement


  • An evolving programme covering social change management (including coaching), process development and content development

  • A managed service for social engagement: planning, publishing, amplifying, monitoring and analysing

  • A managed service for content production: posts, infographics, blogs, portfolio videos etc.


  • LinkedIn followers up from 600 to 15,000 in 2-3 years

  • Sales growing their social presence and following (10,500 Twitter followers for their top ambassador)

  • Confidence to take social media management in house

Are you looking to make social media marketing work for you?