Is Email Direct Marketing dead?

You may have come across blogs or articles stating that email direct marketing is a dead horse, an outdated method of marketing that will soon be rendered irrelevant by social media. Here at HN, we beg to differ.

The fact is that eDM provides a great ROI – between 94 and 139% according to Marketing Sherpa.  In our experience, social media and eDM complement each other and can work very well in integrated campaigns. For one thing, eDM allows you to segment your audience, which is harder or even impossible to do with social media – you can’t tweet just one section of your followers, after all. So you might choose to invite customers to sign up to a mailing list on your Facebook page to send them personalised offers. Equally, you may decide to use a targeted eDM as part of an integrated campaign to draw attention to, and drive traffic to, your social media sites.

But – and it is a big ‘but’ – we are living in an age of information saturation, and making your eDM stand out from the spam and the badly mail-merged emails that plague our inboxes is a challenge. It’s vital that your message holds the interest of the reader, and helps them to trust your brand. From subject line to signature, your message needs to be well crafted in order to achieve its goals.

Linking eDMs to a trigger, such as emailing delegates after an event or after an interaction such as downloading content from your website, is a great way to make sure your eDM is relevant to its recipients. Adapting your message for specific audience segments, as already mentioned, is another way to maximise impact. Thinking like this will see your eDMs have a real impact on your customers, and your sales.