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B2B conferences: generating content to maximise ROI

B2B conferences are a fantastic way to connect with colleagues and customers, old and new. But they don’t come cheap. A lot of time, money and stress (!) go into them, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to maximise your return on investment from the conferences you organise. Fortunately, with a little thought and […]

Three capabilities of social media tools you may be missing

Pop quiz – do the words “Hootsuite”, “SocialOomph”, and “Tweetdeck” mean anything to you? If they don’t, then we suggest you get on Google pronto! Tools for managing social media are increasingly being used by businesses to make their social media channels sparkle and shine. Given how popular they are, it amazes us that a […]

Why you should share your social media strategy internally

Question: Who can help develop your company’s social media profile? Answer: Almost anyone in your organisation. Whether a part of your marketing, sales, customer support or even financial teams, your organisation is full of people with ideas – and many of them will already be avid social media users. By sharing your social media strategy […]

It’s ok to take risks with your social media

Making jokes, actively selling products, chasing opinions, are all things you should avoid as a B2B social media marketer. Or are they? It’s fair to say that activities such as these are regarded as risk-taking behaviour when it comes to B2B social media, and so are avoided for fear of landing your organisation in hot […]

The best advice I was ever given — to follow my gut

Dr A Witten: “I have a degree in Clinical Psychology. Do you have any expertise in the area, Agent Gibbs”? Gibbs: “No. No I don’t. Just a gut instinct” NCIS: Season 2 Ep.19 “Conspiracy Theory.” Agent Gibbs, from the popular TV series NCIS, has a famous ability to follow his gut. Somehow, he just knows […]