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Reference programmes — why should your customers care?

In our blog about building customer confidence in reference programmes, we talked about how they enhance your credibility as a supplier and boost your customers’ credibility in the marketplace as well. Once you’ve overcome customers’ initial concerns, however, you may still need to answer the question “what’s in it for me?” They may worry that […]

Content: what we all want

When it comes to selling your products and attracting potential customers, content is everything – according to a great number of industry pundits. The logic of their argument is common sense: if your content isn’t relevant and convincing then your customers and prospects simply won’t stick around. They’ll lose interest and they won’t come back […]

How short can a white paper be?

White papers, as I’ve previously blogged about, are nowadays as likely to address a business audience as a technical audience. This change in the audience has been accompanied by a trend towards shorter papers. The question is: how short can you go and still be a white paper? Why is length an issue? I don’t […]

Presentations: getting your message across

Over the last few weeks we’ve suggested some hints and tips to help you keep your audience’s attention when you’re doing a face-to-face presentation vs. when you’re running a webinar. But, however engaging your presentation, it really is all for nothing if it doesn’t convey your message clearly to the audience. Whether in person or […]