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How short can a white paper be?

White papers, as I’ve previously blogged about, are nowadays as likely to address a business audience as a technical audience. This change in the audience has been accompanied by a trend towards shorter papers. The question is: how short can you go and still be a white paper? Why is length an issue? I don’t […]

Webinars: keep your audience’s attention

Unlike with face-to-face presentations, during a webinar there’s no speaker to focus the audience’s visual attention; nor can the presenter see the audience to gauge their interest or pick up on cues. And because the audience is sitting at their desks, it’s all too easy for them to become distracted by work: are they checking […]

Presentations: attracting the right audience

Whether you’re presenting to your audience in person or online (for example, a webinar), you’ll only get the right people ‘in the room’ if your invitation to attend clearly answers the question: “What’s in it for me?” Standard invitations If your presentation or webinar is a standalone event, your invitation must convince recipients to give […]

We get mail

The other day an email landed in one of our inboxes and we passed it around in wonder; we couldn’t believe how long-winded and awkward it was. Here’s the opening: In the midst of this dynamic, hyper-competitive global economy, understanding and addressing the ever-evolving needs and requirements of every customer is increasingly more complex yet […]

A little bit different

We had a lot of late nights last week helping a client respond to a multi-million pound tender. Burning the midnight oil to get it done on time is pretty normal when putting together a bid, so that’s not what made this job different. Tender responses are usually hefty, detailed, written in legalese and, well, […]