Customer: Xerox

Project: Script and presentation: MPS

Talking their language: it’s not just what you say — it’s also how you say it

Any presentation to customers and prospects needs to grab the audience’s attention, clearly communicate your messages, and provide plenty of food for thought. When you’re delivering the keynote speech at a high-profile event for a senior audience, it’s more important than ever to make sure your presentation is pitched just right. When Xerox was planning a keynote speech for an international series of events, being held in association with market intelligence firm IDC, they turned to HN to take an initial idea and transform it into a well-structured and thought-provoking presentation.

HN and Xerox both know how important it is to first nail down what needs to be said, and let the visuals follow. So we first focused on creating the presentation script; this approach lets the slides support and extend the presentation.

The script and slides went down well with the presenters in each country. Clear and unambiguous language was used throughout, helping speakers across Europe easily adapt the presentation to their local language without straying too far from the original English source. Most importantly, it proved popular with audiences — presenters said it stimulated lengthy and productive conversations with delegates.

Xerox also commissioned HN to convert the script into a paper that could be given to attendees.

HN grasped the subject matter swiftly and took the initiative to do some research of their own. They came back the very next day to point out a few areas where the parallel didn’t quite work and suggest alternative ideas.

Marketing Manager, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox