About us

When I started HN, it was as a direct response to my own experiences as a marketing manager.

You probably know the drill: an ever-growing to-do list that you never reach the bottom of. Sound familiar?

Yes, my team and I had the support of agencies, but the end result, when we finally got there, often required more of my time than I could really afford to give.

There had to be a better way, and HN was my response to that. The agency I’d wished I had in my corner. The agency that made exactly what was needed, without all the hassle. The agency with a simple mission: to make life easier.

From humble beginnings…

So it kicked off from a spare room at my home in Maidenhead.  With no previous agency experience, I adopted a simple approach to account management; supporting every client like I’d supported my managers of old. Just like a perfect subordinate, they knew they could throw anything across and rely on me to fill in the blanks, get on with the job and give back exactly what they were looking for.

…to thriving hub

Projects with one client soon led to new ones with others. Before long I was meeting many more overloaded marketers looking for ways to deliver their objectives and still stay sane.

I started to surround myself with a team who, like me, had taken a walk in our clients’ shoes; they’d felt the frustration when things weren’t right, and they know what a difference it makes when they are.

It was only a matter of time before our bigger team needed a bigger home, and in 2006 we got ourselves some proper offices. It’s fair to say the marketing landscape has continued to evolve since we unpacked our bags and we’ve followed suit; welcoming new faces, adding new creative talents and even buying a video production company. After all, there would be nothing easy about having to go to more than one place to get everything you need.

From what our clients tell us, it feels like we’ve given them back a month of Sundays (often literally), but we still meet people facing the same problem that I did 25 years ago. Perhaps this is you and perhaps, like me, you know there’s a better way.

Could you do with less hassle and more time?

Let’s have a quick chat about how we can make your life easier.