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Creeping Britishisms

We’ve all heard about ‘Americanization’ — the influence of the US on our own lingo. But perhaps we weren’t as aware of the influence that our creeping ‘Britishisms’ have on US English. It’s easy to think that the early American settlers took the English language with them, Noah Webster tinkered with it, and that was […]

Is your content driving business away?

We’ve spoken before about how you should keep your content relevant , but we’ve not addressed the dangers of not doing so. Irrelevant content won’t get read by customers or targets, of course, but it could be holding your business back in more damaging ways than that. IDG recently released a report in which 79% […]

The defence of long content

These days, content seems to be getting shorter and shorter; we see more and more customers interested in Twitter (140 characters per post), LinkedIn (700 characters per status update), and ebooks typified by low word counts and lots of visuals. It’s easy to believe that with all these shorter content forms around, there’s no place […]

Take aim, fire!

Perhaps another way of expressing this would be, “Who are you targeting?” Are you going after the department head, division head or the C-suite? Are they a business—or technology—focused audience? What do these individuals care about? What are their motivations? What are their pain points, and how can you elevate these? You can’t please all […]