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Blogging for business part 1: a tangibly valuable tool

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be talking about an online marketing tool that’s incredibly versatile, engaging, imaginative and practical. It provides tangible value to any organisation’s marketing portfolio, but has a tendency to be misunderstood, misused and overlooked. We are, of course, talking about blogging. Though there are businesses that blog, there are plenty that […]

Tone of voice: giving your copy the rock star treatment

Quick – what do Johnny Cash, Axl Rose, and (potentially) your next piece of copy have in common? The answer, unless your next piece of copy is going to be performed live, is that both Johnny and Axl had very distinctive voices. From Johnny’s uniquely melancholic baritone to Axl’s falsetto roar, it’s the tone of […]

The truth about viral content

Have you noticed how many people there are at the minute offering to make your content viral? You might have thought it seemed too good to be true. We at HN did too. The buzzword Unless you’re a healthcare professional, the term ‘viral’ probably brings to mind images of dancing babies, well-timed tweets from Oreo […]

Using customers’ language to grow your brand

Should organisations use their customers’ language? Get it right and you will reap the rewards — increased coverage, followers and retweets — get it wrong though, and your legal team could be calling. One of the UK’s largest retailers, Argos, is a company that understands the importance of solidifying customer relationships through online engagements. Recently, […]

Can you have a good infographic without data?

In thinking about what makes a great infographic, I’ve been struggling with the issue of data (and not just because I’m an English Literature grad). The problem is that, as pointed out in our previous blog , good data is a key component of most infographics. Take, however, this infographic (Source: Gizmodo): I like it, […]

Watch this video go viral

Three days ago (at the time of writing) one of the best marketing campaigns you’ll see this year was uploaded to YouTube and yes, it’s only February. Today, it’s generated 35,500 views. It’ll hit the millions before long. Why? It’s clever in its concept, would have taken weeks of planning to get it right and […]