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Thought leadership pieces by HN
  • Thought leadership

    When we think about thought leadership we are typically looking for a chance to set out your vision; to express your point of view and demonstrate its relevance to your audience, building trust along the way.

    Although ostensibly educational, these pieces — whether using video or the written word — need to be highly persuasive, drawing on logical and well-supported arguments. They also have to engage with and inspire your prospects, which means they need to be rooted in customer insight and full of storytelling.

    HN combines these disciplines with flair. See for yourself:

  • White papers that are rooted in insight

    When concepts are new and complex there tends to be little existing source material to draw on. This is where we excel, using smart interview techniques — and workshops and focus groups if need be — to ask the right questions and hone the proposition ahead of creating the content. 

    How Xerox gained additional value from an original piece of work

    Colt used a whitepaper to address the changing perceptions in broadcasting

  • Your vision as a presentation

    Conferences and face-to-face meetings can be the vehicle for you to make a point and get your views across. It’s not simply a matter of professional slideware, although that’s a must. We’ll ensure you turn up with a well-constructed premise and engaging narrative to boot.

  • Use video to spread the word

    Put your execs and subject matter experts in front of the camera and let their passion speak for itself. You might want a simple piece to camera, to incorporate animated graphics or to fashion your own Business TV channel. Whichever approach you prefer, we’ll always coach the best performance out of your team.