Customer: Infinity

Project: Presentation script and slides

When clarity of vision is paramount…

Communicating a radical and potentially controversial vision to others is never easy, and a challenge that UK data centre provider Infinity faced when launching its ‘Infinite Data Centre’ concept. Due to speak at a major conference for the data centre industry in a month, Infinity decided it needed help to convey its message as powerfully as possible.

Knowing that speed was of the essence, HN spent half a day with Infinity, getting to understand its vision and helping to decide on a tone and style to convey the message in a way that packed a punch but was not divisive. We had just four weeks to produce a script and slides for the 30-minute presentation, a task made even more challenging by the fact that elements of the proposition were still being developed . We worked on the script and visual concepts in parallel, and started creating the slides as soon as the script was in appropriate shape . The presentation was complete within the four-week schedule, allowing Infinity to deliver a forward-looking vision that went down very well with the audience.