Customer: Interxion

Project: Data centre location brochures

Interxion has a host of data centres (DCs) across Europe, and it wanted a way to showcase these to its prospective customers, outlining the different capabilities of each – especially if there was more than one DC in the same city. While some DCs already had some information like this, there was no cohesion across the brand and the information was patchy, focusing solely on the features of each DC.

HN stepped in to help Interxion create a brochure template which was rigid enough to provide a uniform look and feel across Europe – crucial for Interxion’s value proposition – but allowed the individual differences of each DC to shine through. Once the template was in place, we spoke to each DC to find out what they had to say about themselves, and used this to create copy showing Interxion’s customers the benefits of their service.

Our long-standing relationship with Interxion meant that we could get straight down to business – even the briefing process was straightforward, thanks to the template we created. Interxion trusted us to deliver, and deliver was just what we did.