Customer: Grid Scientific

Project: Website build

Your website is one of the most important assets your business owns, and as such it has to look its best to attract customers and drive engagement with your brand. ICT providers Grid Scientific came to us for a website refresh, wanting a website which would resonate with their customers and deliver Grid Scientific’s message clearly. It was also important to Grid Scientific that they were able to update the website themselves, to reduce running costs and keep control over web content.

HN accepted the challenge, guiding Grid Scientific through the hosting possibilities available to them, and creating example pages so that they could see what their new website would look like. Once Grid Scientific was happy, we built their website from the ground up.

In addition to achieving a clean, fresh look that kept pace with Grid Scientific’s competitors’ websites, we created feeds for their news, resources, and events, which appear together on the insights page but can be updated separately for greater flexibility. Crucially, the entire site could be edited and updated by Grid Scientific. Moreover, we provided three hours of training on the new website so that Grid Scientific could use the full functionality of their website right away.

HN delivered an excellent result using a professional approach and a collaborative style. They placed a high level of importance on fully satisfying requirements… and were flexible in accommodating change.

Owner, Grid Scientific