Customer Case studies

case studies by HN
  • Introduction

    A staple component of any customer reference programme, the case study captures the story of how you’ve worked with a customer to improve their business. They can be presented in a variety of formats: written, infographic and video; as short visual teasers that’ll get a new conversation under way, or weightier business case analyses that offer convincing evidence of your credentials.

    At HN, we’ve developed several techniques to make sure your case studies are delivering support at every stage of your buyer’s journey.

    Take a peek at some of our work to see what we mean:

  • Make it snappy

    Tasty teasers whether visual or words based are key when it comes to using social media.

  • Focus on benefits

    This story for Oncam Grandeye working with Leeds Metropolitan University is a great example of best-practice written narrative.

    Finding ways to make the content relevant to your audience—even when they don’t use ejector seats – is what makes this story a success

  • The power of video

    Putting your customer in front of the camera creates a convincing piece of content. Take a look at this example featuring Just Eat, a CyberSource customer.

    View this video testimony from LeRoy Merlin (the B&Q of France) about their relationship with Colt.