Customer: Oncam Grandeye

Project: Leeds Metropolitan University case study

Tech that tells a story

Your customer case studies aren’t just a place to talk about your products and services – they’re an opportunity to create a riveting story that propels your prospects through the sales funnel. That kind of storytelling is our speciality at HN, so when security imaging specialists, Oncam Grandeye, asked us to develop a case study about the surveillance network they had helped create at Leeds Metropolitan University, we got stuck right in.

We spoke to Oncam’s account manager and a member of the university’s security team, and from those calls we crafted a case study that told the tale of how Oncam’s technology had enhanced the university’s ability to prevent crime and keep students safe. The story had suspense, a villain, and – most importantly – a hero to vanquish that villain, in the form of Oncam’s 360° camera technology. Both client and customer loved it.

You’ll have to read the case study to find out what happened, though…