Lightspeed video case study

B2B video marketing with
storytelling at its heart.

iPad demo and customer story,
wrapped together beautifully.

Lightspeed is one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada. To sustain that growth, they needed a supply of video stories showing the awesomeness of their new platform, and the personality of the brands they work with. The first video had to be ready for their big launch, which wasn’t too far away…

Following a day’s filming and interviewing, we carefully post-produced this story to showcase Lightspeed in the unique settings of the client.

The 2,300 views the video has on YouTube are a testament to its popularity.

Since then, we’ve created another video that required filming in Ghent, Amsterdam (also more than 2,000 YouTube views), another in Paris (over more than 600 YouTube views, requiring an interview in French), and a third video in the UK (more than 800 YouTube views). Bearing in mind the global market Lightspeed operates in, we’ve subtitled some of the videos, too.