A comparative newcomer to the social media world (only 5-years old), Pinterest for B2B companies sometimes gets overlooked in favour of the bigger social media platforms (LinkedIn and Twitter, we’re looking at you). But it shouldn’t be dismissed. Pinterest users are expected to make up almost 30% of US social networkers by 2019* and drive more revenue per click than Facebook or Twitter**.

So how can that potential be harnessed in the B2B world? We’ve scoured the far corners of Pinterest and come up with a few suggestions for ‘boards’ (or collections of images, in plain English) that you can create to make Pinterest work for your business:

Products/Marketing board: If your products are visually engaging, then Pinterest can help you show them to the world. If they aren’t, then Pinterest could be where you show off your latest marketing materials, effectively becoming another distribution channel.

Events board: Take pictures at every workshop you run, every conference or exhibition you attend, or even a simple customer site visit (if you have permission). Uploading them to Pinterest is a great way to raise awareness of what you’re up to and provoke interest in future events.

Employee board: Who are your employees? What are their passions? Let your customers see the people who make up your business and add a personal touch to the image of your company. This can also be a great way to encourage your teams to share your company content, further increasing its reach.

Social responsibility board: If you do any outreach or charity work, Pinterest is the place to show the world how your organisation has been making a difference.

Hints and tips board: From how to install your latest hardware to best practices in cable storage, sharing the fruits of your wisdom with customers shows them the depth of your knowledge and your passion for what you do.

Humour board: Adding a bit of levity to the mix can feel like a risk but it’s worth remembering that Pinterest is, in general, a cheerful site. A little bit of humour can reveal a human side to your organisation that resonates with your audience.

If you like it, put a pin on it
One recurring theme is that creative thinking is the key to a successful Pinterest account, but another major Pinterest trend is to pin relevant and interesting third-party content to your boards (It’s also a great way to keep posting content if you’re feeling low on creativity).
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* Will Pinterest reach its potential
** Pinterest drives more revenue than Twitter or Facebook