EMC Videoscribe

Customer: EMC

Project: Partner Marketing Playbook VideoScribe

Sparkling video with a tight turnaround

Video assets can be powerful and fun to watch. But they’re often slow to make, which can be a problem — as it was for EMC when they wanted to create a VideoScribe announcing the launch of a new partner marketing portal. So they gave the challenge to us, and we immediately got to work solving it.

We needed to take all the elements of video production — scripting, storyboarding, animating and the approvals for each of these elements — and compress them into one-and-a-half weeks: without compromising on quality. It took a few late nights, some tense phone calls and the fastest fingers our creative team had, but we made the deadline for EMC – with time left over to create a page banner for them too. End result: a happy client and a happy (if tired!) content team.